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Vermont DUI First Offense

Vermont DUI First Offense

If you are arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Vermont, you are facing some very serious and life-altering consequences, even for a first-time offense. If convicted, penalties include possible jail time, license suspension, fines, alcohol education or rehabilitation programs, and others. However, on top of the short-term punishments, a DUI charge on your criminal record can also affect employment possibilities, insurance rates, and your ability to get around for the rest of your life.

Contact A Defense Attorney As Soon As Possible

The best chance you have to lessen the impact a conviction will have on your life is to seek representation from a DUI attorney who has significant experience with Vermont DUI laws. It's important to act quickly because there are immediate steps to take right after the arrest, and a lawyer can help you navigate the entire process and ease some of the stress.

If you're facing a first-time DUI charge in Vermont, here's what you can likely expect:

Jail Time

There is no minimum jail time in Vermont, meaning first-time drunk driving offenders might not serve any jail time. But, in severe cases, the state reserves the right to impose sentences up to two years.

License Suspension

There is a mandatory 90-day license suspension for all first-time DUI cases. Those drivers who refused to take a chemical test to determine their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) will receive a 6-month suspension.


There will be an initial fee of up to $750. However, court costs, license reinstatement fees, and many other associated costs should be expected.

Education/Rehabilitation Programs

All drivers convicted of DUI in Vermont have to complete an evaluation by an alcohol counselor to determine whether license reinstatement is appropriate and/or if a additional rehabilitation program is necessary. Drivers are required by law to heed the recommendations of the counselor often times at their own expense.

SR22 Insurance

Before drivers can get their license reinstated they must show proof of financial responsibility insurance (SR22), which demonstrates that drivers can take fiscal responsibility for any future accidents they might cause. Drivers must carry this insurance for three years after the conviction.