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Vermont DUI Second Offense

Vermont DUI Second Offense

Like most other states, a second DUI charge in Vermont will result in much stiffer sentencing than the first. Those convicted will face much higher fines, the possibility of a mandatory jail sentence, community service hours and a lengthy license suspension term. In addition, second-time offenders are automatically required to attend a state-approved alcohol rehabilitation program. A second DUI charge also further compromises current and future employment opportunities as well as all other legal agreements that involve a background check.

A Veteran Defense Lawyer Will Increase Your Odds Of Avoiding A Conviction

Because there is a lot at risk, it is very important that those charged with drunk driving for a second time find an experienced DUI attorney who is knowledgeable about Vermont's specific laws. And like a first-time offense, it's important to act quickly as repercussions can start right after the arrest.

If you're facing a second DUI charge in Vermont, here's what you can expect:

Jail Time / Community Service

If you are facing a second DUI in Vermont, you will have to serve at least 60 consecutive hours in jail, unless you agree to perform 200 hours of community service at a state-approved facility. The severity of the case will dictate if community service is an option as well as if a longer sentence is necessary. The state reserves the right to give second-time offenders up to two years in jail.


There will be an initial fee of up to $1,500. However, court costs, alcohol rehabilitation fees, and many other associated costs should be expected as well.

License Suspension

Most drivers will have their driver's license suspended for 18 months. Reinstatement is only possible after the completion of a rehabilitation program. Upon reinstatement, it is up to the judge to determine whether a driver will be required to install an Ignition Interlock Device in their car. This device requires that drivers test their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) before the car can start.

Education / Rehabilitation Programs

All drivers convicted of a second DUI have to complete an alcohol rehabilitation program, usually at the driver's expense.

Vehicle Immobilization

If you are convicted of a second or more DUI, the state reserves the right to immobilize your car until you have received alcohol counseling.